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  • Your Royal Ritual

    complexion-enhancing magical botanicals in their most potent form

  • For beautifully lustrous hair fit for a crown

    Our Bestselling hair + Body Serum

  • Elevate Your Ritual

    skin treatments inspired by royalty + anchored in ayurveda

  • My Story

    a look behind the veil

Skincare crafted from carefully selected botanicals once reserved for Royalty inspired by Ayurveda.

Beauty secrets from India's rich history

Experience the beauty secrets long cherished by Indian Royals. Complexion enhancers passionately passed down from generation to generation, mother to daughter, a tradition spanning many centuries.

Intelligent combinations of rare botanicals in their purest form yield noticeable results while creating a daily escape.

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Discover Your Royal Ritual

We unearth the magic that lies deep in India’s rich soil and share it with the world so that each of us can take the same pride in our skincare as the royals once did.

Each concoction is a lush interfusion of Mother Nature’s most vibrant herbs and botanicals and each treatment is meticulously created to preserve efficacy and potency for the maximum skin beautifying impact.

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Skin treatments created without compromise

We travel to remote and un-touched land in search of the world's most potent botanicals.

Cold-pressed and steam-distilled oils keep all of the important skin-enhancing nutrients active.

Our nutrient-rich treatments use age-old wisdom and indulge your skin in a rich bath of nature-derived vitamins and minerals.

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Mix & Masque

Clean. Potent. Royal.

The most magnificent thing you can wear is beautiful skin.

Ranavat Botanics

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