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Damask Rose

Long cherished by royals as the most luxurious beauty treatments, Roses have an incredible power to heal, brighten and hydrate the skin.

-Roses are loaded with antioxidants, which help heal skin and reduce inflammation and combat the signs of ageing.  Roses are also antiseptic and anti-bacterial which means they can help prevent acne.

-Roses contain a natural form of retinol (vitamin A), which treat lines, wrinkles and other visible signs of aging.  The high concentration of vitamin C in roses strengthen skin cells and regenerate skin tissue which will reveal brighter, more glowing skin. 

-The natural oils found in roses help lock moisture into the skin, keeping it silky smooth. 

-Roses are powerful but gentle which make them great for sensitive skin.

Can be found in the following treatments:

Kiss of Royal Tea Hydrating Masque

Kiss of Royal Tea Hydrating Masque


Radiant Rani Illuminating Botanical Serum

Radiant Rani Illuminating Botanical Serum



Rose Tonique

Rose Tonique


Ranavat Botanics

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